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Legal support
of foreign business
in Russia
Term - from 5 days
Cost - from 5,000 rub.
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Our company offers a full range of legal services, from consulting and drafting contracts to representing your interests in court and monitoring the status of your accounts receivable:

  • registration of companies in Russia
  • oral and written consultations;
  • transaction support;
  • legal representation;
  • registration of legal entities and changes to them;
  • participation in negotiations with contractors;
  • expertise and drafting of contracts, agreements, contracts;
  • examination of internal documents of the company;
  • the development of schemes of contractual relations;
  • monitoring changes in legislation;
  • preparation of detailed legal opinions.

The activities of legal entities in Russia are strictly formalized starting from the stage of creating a legal entity, their economic activities, and ending with the process of liquidation. Any step of an entity must comply with the requirements of the law and be executed by various legal documents, internal (orders, instructions) and external (various reports and correspondence, licenses and certificates).

Consult-group offers all legal services that can only be rendered in Russia. You will have an entire legal department working for your firm at your disposal. Simply, it will not be located in your office, and you will not need to draw up employment contracts, pay taxes, and comply with working conditions. You only need to pay a fixed amount, and experienced lawyers will work for you.

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We have a team of lawyers in various specializations and with great experience. Therefore, we can be contacted by completely different companies engaged in trade, construction, production, transport and any other activity.