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Company registration in Russia

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  • Price - 8 000 RUB
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Reliable legal address

"Consult-group" provides services for registration of companies with foreign founders or legal entities. We have great experience in creating legal entities with the participation of foreign capital. Therefore, by contacting us, you can be sure of a quick and successful result.

Our company organizes the process of interaction with a foreign citizen and advises on all stages of creating an LLC:

  • We collect a set of documents required for registration;

  • Submit documents for state registration;

  • Support in choosing the tax system;

  • We will open a ruble and currency account (both in a Russian Bank and in a foreign Bank operating in Russia);

  • We will produce an electronic digital signature (EDS) at your request;

  • Performing further accounting and tax accounting, audit, and legal support.

If the founder is a foreign citizen:

If a foreign citizen comes to Russia, we accompany him to a notary to certify his signature on the registration application and submit the package of documents to the registration authority by power of the attorney. However, if a foreign citizen does not speak Russian, a translator is required to perform all notarial actions.

In case a foreign citizen does not come to Russia for any reason (employment, illness, etc.), all necessary documents are certified by the Russian Consulate. After the documents are certified at the Consulate, they are sent to our company by mail. We perform further registration activities independently.

If the founder is a foreign legal entity

It is necessary for the director or one of the directors of a foreign legal entity to arrive for registration with the originals of all constituent documents. These documents must be apostilled and translated into Russian, and the translation must be notarized. Our company provides notary support and further registration activities.

In case the director of a foreign company cannot come to Russia, all necessary documents of the organization must be certified at the Consulate and translated into Russian. After that these documents must be sent to us by express mail.

Registration of legal entities in Russia is carried out by the tax service. For registration a company in Russia it is submitted an application in a certain form, the accuracy of signatures on which is certified by a notary. The application is accompanied by a set of documents that are drawn up in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation. The registration period for a limited liability company is 3 days.

After registration, the applicant receives:

  1. Certificate of registration in the unified state register of legal entities;
  2. Certified copies of constituent documents;
  3. The certificate on statement on the tax account;

After registration in the tax service, the newly created legal entity also needs to pass some post-registration procedures, namely, register in extra-budgetary funds, statistical accounting bodies, open a current account and make a seal.

Our company carries out registration of the limited liability company "turn-key". As a result, you get a complete set of documents that you need to start your business.

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