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Accounting services for your business

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Professional help with
accounting and taxes
  • Term - individual
  • Price - 2 000 RUB
Professional help with

Our advantages

All types of reports:

  • Tax reports

  • Reports to the Pension and Social Insurance Funds, Rosstat

  1. Preparing and submitting reports for all taxes and tax systems:
    • general tax system - OSNO

    • simplified tax system - USN

    • tax system for agricultural enterprises etc.

  2. Preparing and submitting reports on insurance premium (contributions to funds), to the Pension Fund and Rosstat.
  3. Helping you to define reports you need to submit, as well as controlling the timeliness of reporting to the authorized bodies.

Tax optimization:

  • Accurate calculation and payment of taxes

  • Reducing the tax burden

  1. Helping to calculate and pay all taxes correctly and in time, including VAT, profit tax, property tax, land tax and others.
  2. Helping to legally reduce the tax burden for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.
  3. Conducting a reconciliation with the tax authorities to control the state of tax debt to the budget.
  4. If you have a field (on-site) or desk (in-office) tax audit, we will not leave you without support. We will help to collect the necessary documents, draw up written objections to the identified violations, and develop a strategy in general. We can represent your interests in the tax office.

Salary and personnel:

  • Payroll calculation

  • Personnel support

  1. We calculate the salaries of employees, as well as sick leave, vacation pay, severance pay, various types of compensation, bonuses and other payments stipulated by labor legislation.
  2. Calculating wages for piecework and time-based forms of remuneration, with different work-schedule (five-day, six-day week, irregular working hours, shift work, etc.) in various conditions (work on holidays and weekends, night work, overtime work).
  3. Helping you to properly hire and fire both Russian and foreign citizens. We will prepare all the necessary documents: a labor contract, an agreement on individual or collective liability, a non-disclosure agreement, an order of employment, a personal card, etc. We will correctly draw up an entry in a workbook.

Primary documents, 1C base, foreign economic activity

  • Preparing documents

  • Entering data into the 1C-enterprise cloud database

  1. Maintaining the 1C database which you can also have access to.  This will allow you to see the full picture of your business.
  2. At the same time, the 1C cloud database is updated automatically, and you do not need to pay for it. If our cooperation ends, all data from the 1C cloud base is transferred to the client.
  3. Entering the data on financial transactions into the program and form all the primary documentation.  We will help to issue foreign trade documents, make calculations for import-export and submit necessary reports.
  4. Maintaining an Internet bank and a client bank: we prepare payment orders for taxes, salaries, also to contractors, including currency transfers, etc.
  5. If your current account is blocked, our specialists will help solve the problem.

Accounting procedure

"Consult Group" - is an organization of  professional accountants with vast experience. We offer our clients flexible and favorable terms of cooperation.

  • Helping to organize accounting and tax accounting from scratch. Usually at the beginning of business activity reports without numbers are submitted (they are called “zero reports”) and you only pay for them.

  • Operating companies can outsource accounting to us on a turnkey basis.  If necessary, we will help restore the database and correct the mistakes made earlier.

Services and cost of work are individual for each client. You will get the help you need. No extra expenses and imposed services!

Spheres of accounting services

The scope of accounting services is directly related to the type of your business activity.


Since trade is associated with a rapid turnover of funds, trade enterprises are in the area of ​​special attention of regulatory authorities.  That is why it is so important to organize accounting.

We organize the primary accounting of documents, their issue and registration in the 1C program, prepare all the necessary accounting, financial and tax reporting with any VAT rates and on any tax system, submit it on time and provide other turnkey accounting services.

Public catering

The peculiarities of catering accounting are production and ways of distribution, which influence the interaction of structural elements of an enterprise (warehouse, kitchen and guest room).

Our company will help you properly organize accounting, prepare reports, deal with pricing issues, the use of cash registers, the choice of tax system, and the inventory procedure.


Due to the diversity of the service sector, an accountant must have good knowledge and professional skills in various areas of accounting. "Consult Group" specialists will help you draw up primary documents correctly, prepare and submit reports, optimize taxation and perform other tasks related to accounting.


We also provide accounting outsourcing services for construction companies in various areas of activity, including contractors and investors.

The main task of accounting in construction is to ensure the registration of all information about a company's financial transactions and property, document them, optimize taxation and generate reports for tax and other regulatory authorities.


Foreign economic activity is accompanied by a large volume of document flow and is strictly controlled by the currency and customs authorities.  Therefore, accounting in this area is especially difficult.

Complex accounting services for foreign economic activity in our company will allow you to run the business calmly.  We take care of all paperwork and work with state bodies of currency and customs.


Peculiarities of production accounting depend on the type of production and the specifics of the technological process.  Thus, accounting will be different for enterprises in the mining and manufacturing industries, heavy and light industry, seasonal and year-round production, producing serial mass products and single orders, etc.

In any case, such a business is a system with various structural units and their common goal - the manufacturing and sale of goods.

Benefits of accounting services

By entrusting us with accounting, you will save yourself from problems with reporting and taxes and focus on business development.  We are fully responsible for the quality of accounting services, we guarantee the privacy and protection of the data received.


Properly organized accounting will reduce costs and save on taxes and other obligatory payments, increase business profitability and avoid possible penalties from regulatory authorities.

Outsourcing accounting is often less expensive than hiring your own accountant: the cost of services can be included in expenses, and besides, you don’t have to organize a workplace and make contributions to funds.


Our accountant calculates all taxes accurately without mistakes. You will always be aware of the tax burden which we also can help to legally reduce: we advise beneficial tax regimes, ensure the use of available benefits.  All information is entered into the cloud 1C-enterprise so you are always aware of your business condition.

Non-stop support

The accountants of Consult Group are always in touch with our clients in Russia and abroad. Unlike full-time employees who go on vacation, get sick or quit, we will not leave you without professional support.  Be sure, your accounting will be alright!

  • We will prepare and submit all types of reports to the Federal Tax Service, the Pension and Social Insurance Funds and Rosstat, strictly following all requirements and deadlines.

  • Help in preparation of the primary documentation.

  • Calculating salaries and any other payments stipulated by labor legislation for your employees. All information about "salary" expenses will be stored in the 1C database, which will allow you to estimate the amount of expenses for each employee for any period (basic salary, advance payment, taxes, contributions to funds).

  • Help in keeping personnel records, hiring and firing employees. We will prepare all the necessary documents, explain the nuances of registration of foreign workers from the Eurasian Economic Union countries, visa and visa-free countries.

  • Our company will help to properly conduct export and import operations. Furthermore we will collect documents for accounting and tax operations, take into account the exchange rate difference, report back on operations, calculate VAT (value added tax) for payment or deduction.

  • We can free you from a routine of payments: our accountant will form payments (for contractors, taxes, etc.),  so you only need to sign them in the electronic bank account.

Professional accounting services for legal entities

As we have accountants and lawyers that work in our team, we can solve a wide range of issues related not only to current activities, but also to critical situations, such as: inspections of regulatory authorities, invitation to the Federal Tax Services, blockage of bank accounts, etc.

We are ready to assist in the creation and liquidation of a business, in obtaining all the licenses and special permits, protection and implementation of intellectual rights.

Stages of work in accounting support


First of all we offer to start our cooperation with a simple consultation. You can call us or send a message.  We will try to answer all questions you have, explain in detail how to hand over the accounting to us, how much it will cost and what services are included in the price. Taking into account all of your needs and the state of your work, an accountant can offer subscription services or perform “one-time” tasks.

Chat in messenger

We sign a contract and create a chat in your preferable messenger after discussion of the terms. You will be able to ask any question to our accountant and get a professional answer. You can write, call or send voice messages.

Connection to the system

We connect you to the cloud version of the 1C program and electronic reports system. If it is necessary, we will help you to switch to electronic document management.


As a result we will do all the accounting work for you:

  • collect primary documents before sending necessary reports;

  • enter all the data in “1C”;

  • prepare reports;

  • ensure the submission of reports and payment of taxes on time.

No delays and sanctions. Savings on taxes due to optimization of processes.

You need

  • primary state registration number (OGRN) and taxpayer identification number of the organization/entrepreneur (INN);

  • information about your tax system.

No delays and sanctions. Savings on taxes due to optimization of processes..

You'll get

  • High quality accounting services;

  • Cost reduction and tax optimization;

  • Quick resolution of any issues occurring;

  • Constant communication with an accountant in the chat;

  • Guaranteed privacy and data protection.


  • Administrative and criminal responsibility is established for violation of existing rules and requirements in accounting.

  • The “lightest” punishment under the Criminal Code is a fine of 100 000 rubles (article № 199), the “harshest” is imprisonment for 6 years, as well as a ban on engaging in similar activities for 3 years.

  • Problems with reporting to the Federal Tax Services, Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund, Rosstat can result in fines from 300 rubles up to 20 000 rubles. If the tax was paid incorrectly, the fine will be 20% of the unpaid amount (at least 40 000 rubles). In addition, all the responsible persons can be disqualified (prohibited doing business) from 1 to 2 years.